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Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader ZL50G-7
Features of Wheel Loader:

1. Equipped with reliable ShangChai C6121 engine or genuine Cummins engine
2. 4 forward and 3 reverse power shift transmission
3. Bucket automatic leveling ability
4. Combined seal cylinder obtains higher seal performance and more reliability

Specifications of Wheel Loader:
Overall Dimension
1 Length(with bucket on ground) Cummins engine ShangChai C6121 engine
8397mm 8247mm
2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2800mm
3 Bucket width 2963mm
4 Height(To the top of the cab) 3450mm
5 Wheel base 3200mm
6 Tread 2200mm
7 Min. ground clearance 450mm
Main Technical Specification
1 Rated load 5000Kg
2 Operating weight 16400Kg
3 Rated bucket capacity 3.0m3
4 Max. breakout force 160kN
5 Max. dump clearance 3050mm
6 Dump reach 1107mm
7 Dump angle at any position ≥45°
8 Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal) 210
9 Min. turning radius
(1) Outside of bucket 5970mm
(2) Outside of rear wheel 5775mm
10 Pivot angle frame 40°
11 Oscillating angle of rear axle ±11°
12 Lifting time of bucket ≤5.sec.
13 Lowering time of bucket ≤3.8sec.
14 Dumping time ≤1.2sec.
15 Traveling speed(Km/h),4 forward and 3 reverse
(1) 1st gear 6.7/6.7
(2) 2nd gear 12.2/12.2
(3) 3rd gear 25.6/25.6
(4) 4th gear 39/
Diesel Engine
1 Model Cummins 6CT AA 8.3-C215 (TIER2) ShangChai C6121 Engine
2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
3 Rated output 160kW 162Kw
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 114/135 mm 121/152mm
5 Total exhaust of cylinder 8.3L 9.7260L
6 Model of starting motor 42MT KB-24V
7 Power of start motor 8.2KW 7.5KW
8 Voltage of starting motor 24V 24V
9 Rated speed 2200r/min 2200r/min
10 Max. Torque 975N.M >843N.m
11 Starting type Electric Electric
12 Min. specific fuel consumption 207g/Kw.h <235g/Kw.h
13 Engine specific oil consumption 0.9-1.6g/Kw.h 0.95-1.77g/Kw.h
14 Net weight 617kg 960Kg
Transmission System
Torque Converter
1 Model ZF technology WG200
2 Type 3-elements.single stage
3 Torque ratio 2.55
4 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating
Transmission case
1 Model ZF technology WG200
2 Type power shift, spur gear constant-mesh
3 Gear shift position 4 Forward and 3 reverse gears
Axle and Tire
1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage
2 Gear ratio of main reducer 4.556
3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary
4 Gear of ratio of final reducer 5
5 total ratios 22.78
6 Max. drawing force 150kN
7 Size of tire 23.5-25-16PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of oil pump (include brake pump) P257B367ILZA20-6GCXZA10-1 (for Cummins) 323-9121-038 (For C6121)
2 System pressure 20MPa
3 Model of Multi-way directional valve 7130-B97
4 Pilot valve 406-1044-1145
5 (D*L)Dimension of lifting cylinder Ф160*90*715mm
6 (D*L)Dimension of tilting cylinder Ф180*90*530mm
Steering System
1 Type Middle articulated frame. Co-axis flow amp. Steering
2 Model of steering pump (include Pilot pump) P257-G63467ZAC6/P124-G16ING (for Cummins) 324-9125-017 (For C6121)
3 Model of redirector Danfoss 150G4107
4 System pressure 16MPa
5 Dimension of steering cylinder Ф90*45*435mm
Brake System
1 Type of traveling brake Air over hydraulic brake system (for Cummins) Full hydraulic brake system (for C6121)
2 Type of axle brake Wet type multi-disc brake in axle
3 Max. brake oil pressure 55kgf/cm2
4 Type of emergency brake Manual control cutting-off air brake Automatic cutting-off oil hydraulic brake
5 Type of parking brake Drum brake Manual control cutting-off air/oil brake
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(diesel) 250L
2 Engine lubricating oil Cummins :19L ShangChai:42L
3 Oil for converter and gear box 42L
4 Oil for hydraulic system 220L
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 20/20L

SINOMACH is a specialized wheel loader manufacturer based in China. Our company also supplies mechanical single drum vibratory road roller, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, and much more.

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