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Crawler Bulldozer

Crawler Bulldozer
Product Introduction
1.This YD320 crawler bulldozer adopts the Cummins engine that conforms to the National II emission standard of off-road machinery. It offers large output torque, low fuel consumption, high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Moreover, Shanghai Fenchuang air filter and prefilter are adopted to prolong the service life of the engine and enlarge the maintenance interval.
2. With a single-stage, single-phase and three-element hydraulic torque converter, this crawler dozer allows gear shifting without stopping, increasing the operation efficiency significantly.
3. The engine muffler which eliminates the ejector enlarges the emission path and reduces the emission pressure. Therefore, the fuel consumption is decreased.
4. Our crawler bulldozer chooses the hydraulic filter with alarming device, which can remind users to clean or replace the hydraulic oil in time.
5. Mounted under the engine hood, the air conditioning condenser achieves improved cooling effect under the aid of cooling air of the engine.

6. The crawler bulldozer is easy to be checked and maintained due to the humanized design of checking systems for water, oil and other critical parts needing daily maintenance.
7. This entire earthmoving machine employs advanced hydraulic transmission and hydraulic control technologies. In rational structure with reliable quality, it is easy and flexible to operate.

Technical Specifications
Model   YD320
Total weight kg 37200
Maximum traction kN 281
Engine type   NTAA855-C360S20
Engine power/speed kw/r/min. 257/2000
Forward gears speed km/h 3.6-11.5
Back gear speed km/h 4.4-13.5
Min. turning radius mm 5700
Track width mm 560
Specific grounding pressure kPa 105
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 6880×4130×3725
Bulldozer shovel (W×H) mm 4130×1590
Earthmoving shovel hoisting height mm 1560
Maximum digging depth of earthmoving shovel mm 560
Towing equipment/scarifier (optional)   Stationary/Single tooth
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