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Crawler Bulldozer

The crawler bulldozer refers to a tracked tractor which is fitted with a dozer blade. The metal blade functions to push large quantities of materials while working. Compared with wheeled bulldozer, tracked ones offer smaller ground pressure due to large ground contact area, and they have higher adhesion force to the ground, resulting in higher traction force. Tracked bulldozer has better working performance on soft surfaces. We are a heavy machinery manufacturer in China, and we have different models of crawler bulldozers for sale.

Our range of crawler bulldozer is equipped with a WEICHAI or Cummins engine which features superior power performance, large power reserve, low fuel consumption and low emission. This make the heavy equipment environmental friendly and economical as well. The bulldozer blade is made of highly wearing resistant and high strength materials, so it is able to resist the long term abrasion by soil and sand materials and offers a long service life. Meanwhile, the blade is available in different types, like U-shaped, semi-U shaped, straight type, and angled type, etc., to suit customers demands. The cab for this earthmoving equipment is designed according to human engineering theories. It is spacious, and offers wide visual angle. Thus, crawler bulldozer operators are provided with comfortable and pleasing working environment, allowing for improvement in working efficiency.

We are an experienced crawler bulldozer manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including truck crane, motor grader, backhoe loader, and crawler excavator, among others.

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