Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Backhoe Loader WZ30-25

Specifications of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25
Overall Dimension
1 Length(with bucket on ground) 7077mm
2 Width 2350mm
3 Load Bucket width 2313mm
4 Height(To the top of the cab) 2720mm
5 Height(To the top of the digging pole) 3424mm
6 Wheelbase 2155.5mm
7 Back wheel Tread 1557mm
8 Fore wheel Tread 1714mm
9 Min. ground clearance 355mm for 2WD 275mm for 4WD
Main Loading Technical Specification
1 Rated load 1700Kg
2 Operating weight 7000Kg
3 Max lifting capability >2500Kg
4 Rated load bucket capacity 1.0m3
5 Max. load breakout force >40kN
6 Max. dump clearance 2611mm
7 Max. Dump reach 726mm
8 Dump angle at any position ≥43.5°
9 Min. turning radius
(1) Outside of bucket 5280mm for 2WD 5670mm for 4WD
(2) Center of front wheel 3795mm for 2WD 4300mm for 4WD
10 Lifting time of loading bucket ≤5.1sec.
11 Lowering time of loading bucket ≤4.9sec.
12 Dumping time ≤0.9sec.
13 Traveling speed,4 forward and 4 reverse
(1) Ⅰ gear forward 5.8Km/h
(2) Ⅱ gear forward 10.5Km/h
(3) Ⅲ gear forward 20.1Km/h
(4) Ⅳ gear forward 40.2Km/h
(1) Ⅰ gear reverse 7.0Km/h
(2) Ⅱ gear reverse 12.6Km/h
(3) Ⅲ gear reverse 24.3Km/h
(4) Ⅳ gear reverse 48.6Km/h
Main Digging Technical Specification
1 Rated digging bucket capacity 0.3m3
2 Max. digging depth 4338mm
3 Max. digging force >50±10%kN
4 Max. digging radius 5481mm
5 Max. dumping height 3737mm
Diesel engine
1 Model Cummins 4BT4.5-C99
2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
3 Rated output 74kW
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 4.5L
5 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 102/138mm
6 Voltage of starting motor 12V
7 Rated speed 2200r/min
8 Max. Torque 414N.M
9 Starting type Electric
10 Min. specific fuel consumption 225g/Kw.h
Transmission System
1. Torque Converter
2 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating
2. Transmission case
2 Type Synchromesh mechanical shift
3 Gear shift position 4 Forward and 4 reverse gears
3. Axle and Tire
2 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage
3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary
4 Max. steering angle 55°
5 Tire type 4WD fore tire12-16.5NHS-10PR
2WD fore tire11L-16F3-12PR
Rear tire 19.5L-24R4-12PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of oil pump P257A467PRZA12-6
2 System pressure 215kgf/cm2
3 Model of priority valve WALVOIL SD16/2、SD16/6
Steering System
1 Type Fore wheel Steering
2 Model of steering pump P257A467PRZA12-6
3 Model of steering gear 150-1219
4 System pressure 140kgf/cm2
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(diesel) 151L
2 Engine lubricating oil 11L
3 Oil for converter and gear box 18.5L
4 Oil for hydraulic system 110L
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 7.6+17L

We are a specialized backhoe loader manufacturer in China. At SINOMACH we also offer crawler crane, rotary drilling rig, motor grader, wheel loader, among others.

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