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Paver Finisher

Paver Finisher

Paver with Mechanical Mangle
According to different classification method, we can classify road pavers into many types, including mechanical road paver, hydraulic road paver, asphalt pavers and concrete pavers.
As a renowned road paver manufacturer in China, we have supplied countless superior mechanical road pavers and hydraulic road pavers to customer worldwide.

7.5m Paver with Mechanical Mangle WTD7501
Paver with Mechanical Mangle Specifications

Model WTD7501
Engine rated power 138kw
Rated speed 2200rpm
Paving width 2.5m-7.5m
Maxmum thickness 350mm
Operating speed 0-19 m/min
Running speed 0-2.9 km/h
Hopper capacity 14t
Max. productivity 600t/h
Total mass 22t
Gross dimensions 6470 mm ×2600 mm ×3240 mm

1. Our mechanical road paver adopts water-cooled diesel engine, which is powerful and features high coefficient of reserve power, low noise and pollution, great energy efficiency, and remarkable cold starting performance.
2. Micro-electronic control, scraper surveying, independent drive of left and right screw feeding units
3. Automatic feeding can be realized to keep materials in front of screed uniform
4. The leveling system is characterized by fast response speed and high leveling precision
5. Left and right crawler belts are independently hydraulic driven to help maintain a constant paving speed and ensure good straight-ahead travel function of our road paver. Non-slip steering and spot turning can also be achieved.
6. Height of screw distributor is mechanically adjustable to meet the operation requirement of different paving thickness, and reverse blade can be mounted to reduce material segregation effectively.
7. Main hydraulic elements are imported from America for high reliability.
8. Standard single-vibrating, single-compacting screed with adjustable amplitude of vibration helps achieve the best pre-compaction density when paving different materials
9. Ergonomic design, sliding console (left and right), double seats, and easy-open side doors at different maintenance and repair points all combine to make operation and maintenance of our mechanical road paver easier and simpler.

As a specialized paver finisher manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer walk behind roller, backhoe loader, hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller, truck crane, and much more.

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