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Road Paving Machine

Road Paving Machine

9.5m Paver with Mechanical Mangle WTD9501

Paver with Mechanical Mangle Specifications
Model WTD9501
Engine rated power 138kw
Rated speed 2200rpm
Paving width 2.5m-9.5m
Maxmum thickness 350mm
Operating speed 0-18 m/min
Running speed 0-2.5 km/h
Hopper capacity 14t
Max. productivity 700t/h
Total mass 24.5t
Gross dimensions 6470 mm×2600 mm ×3240 mm

We are an experienced road paving machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide mechanical vibrating double drum road roller, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, and more.

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