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Road Milling Machine

Proper road maintenance after asphalt road construction is very important. The road milling machine is a type of commonly used road maintenance equipment. It can be used to remove the protrusion, tire tracks, road markings, and paint on asphalt and concrete road surfaces. It can also be used to grind up the road surface's paving materials that can then be recycled. As a Chinese specialized road milling machine manufacturer, we offer two models of machines for customers to choose from.

Our road milling machine is equipped with famous brand hydraulic system components including hydraulic pump, motor and proportional valve, etc., to ensure reliable performance. Its traveling system is driven by hydraulic motor, and its road milling and traveling speeds are steplessly adjusted. Its cutter head and cutter holder are both made of high strength and highly wearing resistant material, which ensures long service life and also helps users to reduce operation cost. Due to the high performance hydraulic transmission system, our road milling machines come with strong traction force, convenient operation and flexible usage. More detailed product information and specifications, please click into specific product pages.

As an experienced road milling machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller, crawler excavator, motor grader, backhoe loader, and much more.

Other Products
  • Paver As a professional road paver manufacturer based in China, SINOMACH offers a wide selection of models of road paving equipment for clients to choose from. Classified by traveling method, this road building machine is divided into wheeled and crawler pavers. Wheeled road paver has fast traveling speed and high paving efficiency; while crawler ones ensure uniform paving thickness even the roadway is rugged, and they have larger traction force and ground contact area as compared with wheeled ones. Clients can choose an appropriate type of paving ...
  • Wheel Loader A wheel loader is also known as a bucket loader or front loader. This construction equipment is designed to load loose materials such as soil, sand, coal, and lime into or onto another type of machine. It can also be used for light-duty digging of mineral ores and hard soil, etc. SINOMACH is a wheel loader manufacturer in China, and we at SINOMACH can offer front end loaders with loading capacity from 3 tons to 7.5 tons and engine power from 45KW to 250KW for customers to choose from. Due to fast operation, high efficiency, and easy operation, our wheeled loading shovels are extensively used in highway, railway, water conservation projects...
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