Cold Recycling Machine

Cold Recycling Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A cold recycling machine is a kind of multifunctional road maintenance equipment used for asphalt concrete recycling. As a China cold recycling machine manufacturer, we can offer our ZBL2500 cold recycler which comes with reliable performance and ideal for urban and rural road construction. ZBL2500 asphalt pavement recycling equipment is independently developed by our company. It is compact, flexible in usage, and designed based advanced technologies. It has functions such as road pavement breaking, paving material milling and crushing, material mixing, and spraying of water, emulsified asphalt, cement slurry and formed asphalt recycling agent, etc. With multi-system auto control capacity, our cold recycling machine can automatically perform asphalt pavement recycling operations.

As cold recycling machines are able to achieve material mixing on-site, they require shorter construction period and lower road construction cost. By recycling asphalt material, they help save material cost during road construction and maintenance, and they can also protect the road bed well during operation. Hence, this type of road construction machinery is environmental friendly and has high working efficiency. Also, it has fast traveling speed, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The cold recycling machine is equipped with a 420KW inter-cooled, turbocharged engine, so it is provided with strong power and low fuel consumption. Due to the special rotor-control system, the working devices of the recycling equipment are allowed to work on road edges at close distance. Meanwhile, if the rotor is lifted, the spraying system of the machine will automatically stop working, so as to save resource and keep the work site clean. Additionally, our cold recycling machines are available with multiple steering modes, including front-wheel, all-wheel, rear-wheel and crab steering methods, which assures marvelous equipment mobility and improved drivability. In order to ensure comfort driving environment, this road construction equipment is manufactured with an ergonomically-designed cab. The cab provides the driver with high visibility and reduced noise.

Specifications of the Cold Recycling Machine
Model ZBL2500
Rated power 420kw
Rated speed 1800rpm
Max. milling width 2500mm
Max. milling depth 420mm
Number of cutters 211pieces
Travel speed 0-178.9m/min
Operating speed 0-36.9m/min
Max. gradeability 30°
Minimum turning radius 8.2m
Total weight 33000kg
Outline dimensions 9650mm×3260mm×3070mm

As a specialized cold recycling machine manufacturer based in China, SINOMACH also supplies asphalt mixing plant, hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller, truck crane, crawler excavator, and much more.

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