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Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller

These hydraulic double drum vibrating road rollers are designed and manufactured using internationally advanced technology and imported main components. They are suitable for compacting various stabilized soils, bituminous concrete, stiff concrete in subgrade construction applications. These hydraulic vibrating rollers become the essential construction equipment for high class highway, airport, harbor, dam and municipal engineering projects.

1. Our hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller is powered by Cummins B series water cooled diesel engine with high power reserve coefficient.
2. The hydrostatic all drum travel drive unit featuring imported hydraulic motors offers two infinitely variable speed ranges.
3. The use of dual frequency and dual amplitude vibration system with imported piston pump and motors enables the roller to efficiently compact different materials under various working conditions.
4. The articulated steering provides the heavy equipment with greater flexibility at work. This, coupled with electric sprinkler system and large capacity FRP water tank, contributes to long work hours and high productivity.
5. Our hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller uses multi-disk wet brake and realizes automatic braking when the fuel supply is cut off, so as to ensure safety driving on the road.
6. Due to the streamlined appearance, the road building machine is aesthetically pleasing. The front mounted operator's platform allows the operator to have high visibility.
7. The comfortable, spacious cab is fitted with dual steering wheels and dual seats for convenient operations.

The hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller is a compact road building machine that can be used in limited space situations. To ensure the reliability and performance of our product, we manufacture our roller using world famous brand parts. The diesel engine purchased from Japanese KUBOTA provides high power reserve coefficient and meets European emission standards. The hydraulic components, such as SAUER-SUNDSTRAND pump, POCLAIN motor and CENTA shaft coupling, allow our hydraulic vibrating road roller to work reliably and stably for years.

Due to the full hydraulic double drum travel drive, our vibratory road roller has a strong slope climbing ability. Double drum vibration and high vibrating frequency enable our product to efficiently compact various materials while not compromising road surface quality. To ensure driving safety, our hydraulic road roller is designed with an emergency stop pushbutton to avoid unexpected accidents. In addition, hydraulic center articulated steering and infinitely variable speeds result in easy, convenient operations, and fully openable engine hood greatly facilitates repair and maintenance work.

Our hydraulic double drum vibrating road rollers are suitable for compaction of various stabilized soils and bituminous concrete materials. Reliable and efficient, they become the compaction equipment of choice for highway construction, municipal road repair projects as well as stadium and lawn compaction projects.

Our company is a professional hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller manufacturer and supplier. We also provide rotary drilling rig, wheel loader, cold recycling machine, motor grader, and more.

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