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Pneumatic Tire Road Roller

These road rollers are pneumatic smooth tire rollers which are suitable for compacting both cohesive and noncohesive materials such as sandy soil, clay and gravel mixture, stabilized soil, bituminous concrete, stiff concrete, and more. These tire rollers are usually found in high class highway construction projects for final compaction of asphalt surface course. They are also the indispensable compaction equipment for the construction of high speed railways, airports, etc.

1. The compact structure and low gravity center design enable our pneumatic tire road roller to operate stably in restricted space conditions.
2. The spacious cab interior, coupled with optional ventilation device and air conditioning, creates a comfortable work environment, which helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.
3. The water cooled turbocharged diesel engine from reliable supplier provides sufficient power to accommodate demanding applications.
4. The transmission synchronizer prevents the gear from clashing during shifting, helping maintain the smooth running of the road building machine.
5. The sprinkler system is fabricated out of rust resistant materials for long lifetime. The FRP water tank with a high capacity of 800L effectively extends equipment operating time.
6. Infrared night vision camera allows pneumatic tire road roller to be used at night, thus maximizing productivity.

These pneumatic tire road rollers are equipped with B series Cummins diesel engines which deliver reliable performance and high power output. They use hydraulic power-shift transmission box for reliable performance and easy operation. Thanks to the infrared night vision camera, our tire rollers can also be used at night. In addition, the 800L FRP water tank makes it possible for our construction equipment to work for long hours without stopping to refill. With compact structure and low gravity center design, our pneumatic tire roller will operate stably and flexibly. To ensure operator comfort, the spacious roller cab is fitted with an air conditioner. Optional ventilation windows are also available.

With smooth tread tires, our compactor roller can be used to compact both cohesive and noncohesive materials such as stabilized soil, sandy soil, crushed stone, bituminous concrete, cement concrete, and more. Quality built and reliable, our pneumatic tire road roller is extensively used in the construction of highways, airports, municipal roads, etc.

As a specialized walk behind roller manufacturer and supplier in China, SINOMACH also provides wheel loader, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, concrete mixing plant, and more.

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