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Home SINOMACH Heavy Industry's primary activities consist of engineering equipment research, development, and manufacture, related customer service, and project contracting and trading. Currently, we have 28 holding companies and joint-stock companies, including one publicly traded company and four overseas corporations. We also have large production bases in Tianjin city, Changzhou city, Luoyang city, and Luzhou city of China. In addition, we have established joint-venture companies with world famous engineering vehicle manufacturers such as Terex Corporation of America, Hyundai of South Korea, and Komatsu of Japan, as well as companies spread over 100 countries and regions.

About Us SINOMACH Heavy Industry has strengths in the engineering machinery research, development, and manufacturing fields. We have a state-level engineering vehicle research institute, two state-level enterprise technical centers, two post-doctoral scientific and research work stations, and one mechanical equipment quality test center. Our products are classified into over ten categories, including the earthmoving machine, road building machine, compaction machinery, hoisting machine, piling machinery, and so on, which are further divided into over one hundred types. To illustrate, SINOMACH heavy equipment includes a crawler excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, skid steer loader, road paver, road roller, truck crane, cold recycling machine, road milling machine, and more. Heavy equipment parts are also available.


Earthmoving Machine The earthmoving machine refers to machinery designed for digging, shovel, and leveling, etc. of soil and sand materials. It is typically composed of power system, transmission system, traveling mechanism, and operation mechanism. This construction equipment is widely used in construction of buildings, road, water conservancy projects, airports, and seaports, etc., and mining industry as well. As an earthmoving machine manufacturer and supplier in China, SINOMACH is committed to offering our clients different types of quality earthmoving equipment at satisfying prices.

Crawler Excavator The three models of crawler excavator or digger are easy for operation and can be used in varied environments, so they have high operation efficiency. They are equipped with Japanese Yanmar engine. The high output power of the engine enables this heavy equipment to have high loading capacity. Meanwhile, the Yanmar engines come with reliable performance, low failure rate, and are fuel efficient, so they require less maintenance and fuel cost. This finally translates into the low operation and maintenance cost of our crawler excavators...

ZG3065-9(B) Crawler Excavator ZG3085-9 Crawler Excavator ZG3150-9(C) Crawler Excavator ZG3210-9 Crawler Excavator ZG3225LC-9 Crawler Excavator ZG3235-9 Crawler Excavator ZG3255LC-9(C) Crawler Excavator ZG3335LC-9(C) Crawler Excavator ZG3365LC-9(C) Crawler Excavator ZG3465LC-9C Crawler Excavator

Wheel Loader A wheel loader is also known as a bucket loader or front loader. This construction equipment is designed to load loose materials such as soil, sand, coal, and lime into or onto another type of machine. It can also be used for light-duty digging of mineral ores and hard soil, etc. SINOMACH is a wheel loader manufacturer in China, and we at SINOMACH can offer front end loaders with loading capacity from 3 tons to 7.5 tons and engine power from 45KW to 250KW for customers to choose from. Due to fast operation, high efficiency, and easy operation, our wheeled loading shovels are extensively used in highway, railway, water conservation projects...

936 Wheel Loader 937H Wheel Loader 956 Wheel Loader 957H Wheel Loader 967H Wheel Loader ZL75H Wheel Loader ZL50G-6 Wheel Loader ZL50G-7 Wheel Loader 932 Wheel Loader 933 Wheel Loader 957S Wheel Loader 957Z Wheel Loader 980H Wheel Loader 996 Wheel Loader

Motor Grader The motor grader creates a flat surface using its long blade. As a motor grader manufacturer in China, we offer different models of road graders which are CE certified and successfully exported to Europe and North America markets. This range of construction equipment is designed based on Germany technology and production processes, and is equipped with famous brand components and parts, so as to ensure reliable performance.
The motor grader also has many characteristics in its design, and the details are listed below...

PY120M Motor Grader PY160M Motor Grader PY180M Motor Grader PY200M/PY200MH Motor Grader PY220M Motor Grader PY240M Motor Grader PY310M Motor Grader PY350M Motor Grader GP160M Motor Grader GP180M Motor Grader GP200M Motor Grader GP220M Motor Grader GP240M Motor Grader

Crawler Bulldozer Our range of crawler bulldozer is equipped with a WEICHAI or Cummins engine which features superior power performance, large power reserve, low fuel consumption and low emission. This make the heavy equipment environmental friendly and economical as well. The bulldozer blade is made of highly wearing resistant and high strength materials, so it is able to resist the long term abrasion by soil and sand materials and offers a long service life. Meanwhile, the blade is available in different types, like U-shaped, semi-U shaped, straight type, and angled type, etc., to suit customers demands. The cab for this earthmoving equipment...

YD160 Crawler Bulldozer YD230 Crawler Bulldozer YD320 Crawler Bulldozer T80 Crawler Bulldozer T100G Crawler Bulldozer T120N Crawler Bulldozer TS100L Crawler Bulldozer TS120N Crawler Bulldozer

Backhoe Loader The backhoe loader is commonly shortened to a backhoe. Sometimes, people call it a loader backhoe or digger simply. This construction equipment actually is a tractor equipped with a bucket or shovel at its front end and a small backhoe at its rear end. As a specialized construction machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can offer different models of backhoe loaders to meet clients' varied demands.
This heavy equipment typically uses with hydraulic outriggers when digging and lower the loader bucket for additional stability, because it is top-heavy and the swinging weight of the backhoe may result in tilting of itself...

620CH Backhoe Loader 630A Backhoe Loader 630 Backhoe Loader

Road Building Machine All types of our road building machine are powered by engines with strong power, low operation noise, low emission and low fuel consumption, so as to assure economy and environmental friendliness. With high automation and user-friendly design, they come with high operation efficiency and can also help reduce operators' work intensity. The key parts and wearing parts of our road building equipment are reinforced and improved in their design, so as to extend their service life.

Paver As a professional road paver manufacturer based in China, SINOMACH offers a wide selection of models of road paving equipment for clients to choose from. Classified by traveling method, this road building machine is divided into wheeled and crawler pavers. Wheeled road paver has fast traveling speed and high paving efficiency; while crawler ones ensure uniform paving thickness even the roadway is rugged, and they have larger traction force and ground contact area as compared with wheeled ones. Clients can choose an appropriate type of paving equipment according to their application demands. ..

WTL4500 Road Paver WTL6000A Road Paver WTL6000B Paver Finisher WTD7501 Paver Finisher WTD9001 Road Paving Machine WTD9501 Road Paving Machine

Road Milling Machine Proper road maintenance after asphalt road construction is very important. The road milling machine is a type of commonly used road maintenance equipment. It can be used to remove the protrusion, tire tracks, road markings, and paint on asphalt and concrete road surfaces. It can also be used to grind up the road surface's paving materials that can then be recycled. As a Chinese specialized road milling machine manufacturer, we offer two models of machines for customers to choose from.
Our road milling machine is equipped with famous brand hydraulic system components...

LXL1000 Road Milling Machine LXL1000A Road Milling Machine

Compaction Machinery Compaction is the process in which an external stress applied to the materials causes densification. As a professional construction equipment and road compaction equipment manufacturer in China, SINOMACH has been focused on the development of soil compaction equipment and now provides a wide variety of heavy compaction machine for sale. Through the use of our compaction machinery, the grains of materials being compacted generate movements and rearrange to expel the air and water. The effective compaction can not only increase the density of the compacted materials, but also greatly improve their load bearing capacity as well as reduce settlement and water seepage.

Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller Our mechanical single drum vibratory road roller is designed with reliability, efficiency, fuel saving, safety and comfort in mind. This heavy equipment comes with an imported water cooled turbocharged diesel engine, which is both functional and efficient. The large fuel tank enables the engine to continuously operate for a long time. The linkage between engine throttle and clutch pedal results in lower fuel consumption. Mainly constructed of T type angular glasses, the roller cab is stylish and provides the operator with high visibility. The LCD instrument panel in the cab is adjustable to adapt to operators' different driving ..

LSS2502 Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller LSS2302 Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller LSS2102 Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller LSS1902 Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller LSS1703 Mechanical Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller LSS214-3 Mechanical Single Drum

Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller In order to ensure product reliability and service life, we manufacture our hydraulic vibratory single drum road rollers using carefully selected components. For instance, our rollers are powered by 160kW Cummins turbocharged diesel engines, which work normally in harsh environments. In fact, they can perform compaction operations even in high altitudes, over 4000 meters. In addition, other components, such as hydraulic pump and motor of hydraulic system, are purchased from world famous suppliers.
Our hydraulic vibratory single drum rollers are mainly used for compaction applications in road...

LSD228H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD226H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD222H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD220H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD218H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD216H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD214H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller LSD212H Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller

Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller These hydraulic double drum vibrating road rollers are designed and manufactured using internationally advanced technology and imported main components. They are suitable for compacting various stabilized soils, bituminous concrete, stiff concrete in subgrade construction applications. These hydraulic vibrating rollers become the essential construction equipment for high class highway, airport, harbor, dam and municipal engineering projects.
Our hydraulic double drum vibrating road roller is powered by Cummins B series water cooled diesel engine...

LDD212H Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller LDD210H Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller HDD630B Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller HDD640 Hydraulic Double Drum Vibrating Road Roller

Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller Our mechanical vibrating double drum road rollers are equipped with diesel engines from reliable suppliers, such as Dongfeng Cummins and Chaochai. These engines can provide sufficient power for our construction equipment to work effectively in harsh environment. Our tandem road roller uses an automatic speed control system that can preset the equipment operating speed and vibration interval, thereby maintaining uniform speed and consistent vibration interval to achieve better compaction effect.
As operator visibility greatly affects efficiency and safety, our mechanical vibrating...

YZC12GS Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller YZC6B Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller JCC204 Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller JCC303 Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller YZC2.5 Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller YZC3 Mechanical Vibrating Double Drum Road Roller

Pneumatic Tire Road Roller These road rollers are pneumatic smooth tire rollers which are suitable for compacting both cohesive and noncohesive materials such as sandy soil, clay and gravel mixture, stabilized soil, bituminous concrete, stiff concrete, and more. These tire rollers are usually found in high class highway construction projects for final compaction of asphalt surface course. They are also the indispensable compaction equipment for the construction of high speed railways, airports, etc.
The compact structure and low gravity center design enable our pneumatic tire road roller...

LRS2030 Pneumatic Tire Road Roller LRS230 Pneumatic Tire Road Roller LRS1626 Pneumatic Tire Road Roller LRS1016 Pneumatic Tire Road Roller LRS235H Pneumatic Tire Road Roller LRS226H Pneumatic Tire Road Roller YL16G Pneumatic Tire Road Roller

Walk Behind Roller With compact structure, small size and light weight, our walk behind rollers are the compaction equipment of choice for confined jobsite applications. To meet customers' different requirements, our rollers can be equipped with a variety of engines, such as Robin gasoline engine, Honda gasoline engine or Changfa engine. All of these engines offer low fuel consumption, low emission and good starting performance, which allow both electric starting and manual starting (except that YSZ07B roller engine only has manual recoil starter).
Our walk behind roller adopts double drum drive and vibration mode, which provides power...

YSZ025 Walk Behind Roller YSZ07B Walk Behind Roller YSZ08DB Walk Behind Roller YSZ08DB-1 Walk Behind Roller YZC1 Walk Behind Roller

Landfill Compactor As a professional landfill equipment manufacturer in China, SINOMACH can provide a wide range of landfill compactors to our customers. Available product models include LLC228, LLC226, LLC223, LLC220 and LLC233H. Our landfill trash compactors are engineering equipment used to push, spread, pulverize, demolish and compact waste materials, which can help conserve land, protect the environment as well as prolong the service life of refuse landfill site. In addition, they can also be used for bulldozing and compaction operations in the construction of roads, dams, airports, etc. Quality built and reliable, our products have become ...

LLC228 Landfill Compactor LLC226 Landfill Compactor LLC223 Landfill Compactor LLC220 Landfill Compactor LLC233H Landfill Compactor

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Hoisting Machinery Our hoisting machinery mainly consists of hoisting unit, travelling unit, luffing unit and slewing unit as well as metal structure, power system, constrol system and necessary auxiliary devices. Our truck cranes, mounted on heavy duty truck, are available in six models, with lifting capacities ranging from 8 tons to 130 tons. Meeting the technical requirements for road vehicles, these mobile cranes can travel on all kinds of roads. When working on the jobsite, outriggers are extended to stabilize the crane. Mounted on an undercarriage with a set of tracks, our crawler crane maintains stability with no outriggers. Because it can move around on site and travel with a load, the hoisting equipment is suitable for the movement of materials on construction sites.

Truck Crane The truck crane is a crane mounted on truck chassis, which provides good mobility. Generally, the crane can travel on highways, so there is the need for special equipment to transport it. This hoisting equipment can lift heavy things and easily transport them to other places. As truck cranes play an important role in reducing labor intensity, lowering the construction costs, improving construction quality and speeding up the construction process, they are widely used in many fields.
As a specialized hydraulic truck crane manufacturer in China, SINOMACH designs and manufactures...

QYE12-1 Truck Crane QY8F-1 Truck Crane TTC025G Truck Crane TTC036G Truck Crane TTC055G Truck Crane TTC070G Truck Crane TTC100G Truck Crane

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